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My nickname is Davka.
Sometimes – but very, very rarely – I do something interesting, so I thought writing about it may be useful for someone else, to spread the knowledge. A blog should be fine for this task.
My interests are:

  • Amiga – I love these machines since 90s; I’m collecting, fixing, programming and staring at them :)
  • Retro computing – I’m collecting 8, 16 and 32 bit computers starting with ZX Spectrum, loading a game from a tape and playing it with classic joystick gives me a pleasure :)
  • Retro gaming – I like pixelated graphics, chip tunes and cartidges so under my TV you’ll find Super Nintendo and Atari 2600
  • SQL – database administering is what I do for living so it’s possible I will post some SQL related articles
  • Coding – I’ve started in 1990 with BASIC on C64, went through AMOS, Pascal, Delphi, Java, PHP and stopped at C#; for fun or to fulfil my needs, not professionally
  • Science – reading about how physics works, about new discoveries, about human mind etc. is what excites me, so I may comment some things here
  • Space – cosmos is my home; we live on Earth, Earth is a part of the cosmos
  • Sci-Fi – science + space + dreams = I like Sci-Fi; Star Trek’s force is strong in me :)


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